Thursday, February 18, 2010


Did I spell that right?

I just popped the most insane zit I've ever had. Last night, I tried to squeeze it out. I broke the skin but nothing happened. Today, it came back & grew while I was at class. There was no gradual slope, like most zits; it looked like I had a pearl stuck to my face. So I just got home not too long ago & I inspected it closely in the mirror- what the fuck.

Although it felt like there was a tremendous pressure waiting to be released, my blemish had become a big, loose sac of yellowy orange stuff. I gave it a good squeeze & nothing happened. What started as a firm, perfectly round pearl on my face became a loose old skin tag filled with fluid that could withstand intense amounts of pressure from all angles. This thing would require surgery to be removed, I had realized.

But I was wrong. There was a little scab on what some would call the apex, horizon or zenith, maybe. Not so grandiose, though. It was more like the nipple of an old, sagging breast. I pried it off & the offending liquid came spilling out.

Now there's a hole in my upper lip with loose, puffy skin all around it. I put some neosporin on it. It looks like an inflamed butthole. Or a donut covered in skin. With lots of lotion on it.

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