Sunday, June 6, 2010

Please excuse my language.

The last time I posted was considerably long ago, but it was of great importance and rightfully deserved recognition. Things deserving of your recognition have happened since! But today, I finally have time and energy to put forth into the upkeep of this endeavor I started so long ago and abandoned.

ABANDONMENT NO MORE! The summer has begun. Let the time for wasting time begin.

I have made it a point to draw a lot over the next several months. I really want to get better by drawing more still life subject matter and less focus on women with no eyes and rib cages. I thought I would have the time to sit down and draw all day, but I forgot that I have to attend my internship five days a week. Not getting paid for hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours of work is truly exhausting. But this is so worth it. She is so fucking cool. I can't take it. More on that later. Or maybe never. Hmmm???

My very good friends whom I never get to see became "real people" and had a baby last year. OLIVE! <3 It was her first birthday a couple weeks ago. I'm broke as hell. So I thought I'd be real clever and so presumptuous as to illustrate a child I've only seen once, frame it and expect them to hang it on their wall? I am an asshole. A broke as hell asshole. People always say it's nice to give gifts that you created with your own hands and talent or whatever. So whatever. You could either be an unoriginal bastard with money or a broke, smug fuck. No one wins.

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