Sunday, June 6, 2010

May the best woman win.



In lieu of the greatest show to grace the overrated and so obnoxiously vapid world of cable television, I have been living my life under the words of one of my most influential heroes and current muse for EVERYTHING I DO, RuPaul. I absorb every word that comes out of her mouth, in hopes of growing a penis so I can tuck it between my legs and live fabulously. I'm kidding. I hope this show goes on for at least another one hundred seasons, as long as there's a token young, spunky Asian queen on the show that goes to the top three, and loses to the token Caucasian veteran queen who loses to the tall, hardship-enduring queen of African descent. Yes, I love this show. I love it so much.
For those of you who haven't seen the second season, token Caucasian veteran top three queen, Raven rags on skinny, not very lady-like Nicole Paige Brooks from Atlanta, Georgia for having acrylic toenails...
This is Raven.

This is Nicole Paige Brooks, from Atlanta Georgia. Imagine acrylic toenails on a man's foot. That's probably what Nicole Paige Brooks, from Atlanta, Georgia's toes look like. I looked everywhere for a video clip of aforementioned ragging, but no such luck was had.
So last night, I came across a whole box of acrylic finger nails, compliments of my beauty/cosmetics  savvy roommate. Needless to say, it works. & it looks quite... awesome.

 I don't have the most beautiful toes in the world. But I bet they look better than Nicole Paige Brooks from Atlanta, Georgia.

I really hope someone recognizes my innate, god-given nail technician skills.

(all giffy images from a person who's good at computers from the SA forums.)

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