Sunday, July 11, 2010


Amazing vintage collector's piece from (NO LONGER AVAILABLE-- SO SAD.)

My life as of late:

  • Hangin' tough at Betsey Johnson's apartment.
  • She called me "Suongsville".
  • I drank from 10pm to 10am with my old friends and bonded real hard.
  • Getting my arm finished after two years.
  • I came to the socially harrowing realization that I am a homebody. I am a homebody. I am a homebody. I am a homebody.... Oh man.
  • I have sketches going into production in time for Spring of 2011. GO BUY IT & MAKE ME FEEL GOOD.
  • I redesigned the trim layout of a dress that will also be going into production for Spring 2011!
  • I hand altered the dress that Betsey wore to the CFDA awards.
  • I ate my first macaroon. Changed my life.
  • I removed one of my navel piercings. This is a huge step for mankind in the world of me.

Until next time.

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